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Page updated - October 29, 2018
 For Available Siamese:  please submit an application.  Thank you for your consideration.  
I have a friend in the Kansas City area that still has 2 Colorpoint
Shorthairs available.  Her website is
www.nianguaview.com if you
would like to contact her. She is showing them now but will consider
petting them out in time. There is a lilac cream female and a cream
lynx boy.  Both are very light colored.
Colorpoint Shorthairs are first cousins to Siamese.
GC Viewpoint Mt Suribachi
Chocolate Point        Born 6/25/2015
Sire: CH Nepeta Iwo Jima Of Viewpoint
Dam: GC Viewpoint Mt Madison
Suri has been spayed but she has been hiding every since
surgery but starting to be braver.  She has always been on
the shy side but did well when I was showing her to her
Grand title. I think that she would like a quiet home and
someone that is patient enough to allow her the time to
come out of her shell.  She does not come to be petted or
sit on your lap. She likes to play with another cat friend but
is not really a people cat.
I am accepting applications for  
future litters.

I don't believe that I will be able
to meet the applications that I
have so far at this time, so any
more applications will not be able
to be filled until next spring.