Breeding for quality means that titles and wins are secondary to health in every decision. I believe responsible breeding requires
careful planning and research for each and every kitten produced.  I examine  pedigrees looking for any weak links, and should a
health problem be discovered in any of my cats, I will immediately remove it from the breeding program and see to it that it
becomes altered.  It would cause nothing but heartbreak to knowingly breed cats that have issues with their health.

My cats and kittens should bring companionship, love and joy to their new families.  Behavior and temperament have as much to
do with breeding as how they are raised. When breeders focus on a particular physical quality they can often overlook behavioral
issues.  Putting temperament on the same level as type produces beautiful pets inside and out.

“Style” is how close a cat comes to the conformational standard set for their particular breed.  The style of Siamese which I am
breeding for, is the modern, wedge or
CFA show standard.  This type of Siamese is the product of many years of refinement
through selective breeding.  There is an elegance in this style of Siamese that I am drawn to.  Many cats have several desired
characteristics, the hard part is to get it all in one animal!
I Breed For:
Breeding to
a Higher
of Excellence
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I Breed and show CFA registered Siamese.  Always striving for
the perfect Siamese (with God's help) as set forth by the CFA
standard but always with regard for health and temperament first
and formost.

Kittens and retired adults are available on a limited basis. I try to
carefully match kittens/cats with the adoptive families and I do
reserve the right to refuse to sell to individuals if I feel it will not
be in the best interest of the feline.
MOKAN Cat Show  -   August 2010

CFA Judge Kim Everett-Hirsch

Retiring Judge in Feb 2011

Onyx received best
All-Breed Champion in her ring.

Onyx is giving her a kiss trying to
persuade her not to retire!